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Rodney “Lucky” Whitehead and Byron Pinkston Named NJCAA Football All Americans


The National Junior College Athletic Association announced that two Dean College football players were named to the All America football teams for 2012.

Rodney “Lucky” Whitehead was named All American first-team in the TE position. In 2012, Whitehead rushed for a total of 294 yards on 46 attempts (6.4 yards per carry) and scored 3 touchdowns on the ground. Whitehead also caught 30 balls through the air gaining a total of 602 yards (average of 20.1 yards per catch) and scored 3 touchdowns. He also scored 2 touchdowns on punt returns.

Byron Pinkston was a force as an Offensive Lineman, gaining recognition as an Honorable Mention All American.

Click here for more information on the Dean football program.

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Why Did I Choose Dean?

Hello my wonderful blog readers! It has been a while since the last time I posted something, man! (Okay only like a week, but still…long time for me!) Our fall musical, Oklahoma! is opening THIS Wednesday, and almost all of the shows are sold out…surely not a show to be missed! If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, there are literally only a few left, so hop on it! So anyway, that’s the reason why I haven’t been as attentive to the wonderful Dean College Blog…I apologize!

So, as a Student Ambassador for Dean College, I get a lot of questions while I give my weekly tour (10 am on Fridays…if you wanted to take a tour with me!) about Dean…”Do you like the food?” (by the way, the answer is YES)…”What’s the weekend life here?” (one word…fun!)…but most importantly, I get “Why did you decide to come to Dean?”

Well my friends, YOU’RE IN LUCK. Because this whole blog post is about why I decided to go to Dean!

First and foremost, Dean is a really special school. I know that almost every ambassador from every school will say that, but I truly, 100% believe that Dean is special. Dean is special because it was designed for students who are the different learners, the different student…basically, Dean treats you as a person and not just a student.

When I was in high school, I wasn’t the best student until junior year, and I definitely needed help. I needed a lot of hands-on practice (for instance, I would have to write out the math problems instead of just taking the notes. Or I would need to write out the sentences in English class to understand proper grammar; I couldn’t just sit and look at the notes and understand the material). Dean helps people like me grow as a student because they understand that everyone learns differently, so they cater to that. And that’s awesome! And really helpful.

Dean College is almost very much a family atmosphere. Not only because it’s a small school, but also because the professors, faculty, and staff care about you as a person, and really want to see you succeed. And when you know that someone wants you to succeed, then that will just help you that much more.

So yes, the food is tasty, the dances are fun, our mascot is a cute bulldog, and our campus is pretty; but Dean is much more than that. Those things are just bonuses – really good bonuses, at that! – but Dean is a great place to be in general. From our classes to our professors, Dean will help you grow in all aspects of your life. And that, to me, is pretty sweet!!

Until next time, folks!

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Boston Herald: Robert Kraft’s gift to Dean College student goes a long way

From the Sunday, November 11, 2012 edition of the Boston Herald:

Kraft gesture was ‘life-altering’ gift

By: Karen Guregian

Sometimes, the best stories are the ones that occur without a script. They come about naturally. And quite often, they don’t get much attention.

This one deserves it.

In March, Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave a speech at Dean College in Franklin. He lectured the students about the business side of sports, spoke about leadership, and also discussed the importance of education and getting a college degree. From there, Kraft’s visit evolved into much more.

Following the speech, Kraft was headed out of the lecture hall when he was introduced to a student, Francis Sheehan of Norwood.

Sheehan, a theater arts major, was going through a difficult time because he had just lost his mother Katherine to esophageal cancer only a few weeks before. Sheehan knew Kraft was also dealing with the loss of his beloved wife Myra, who had died eight months earlier.

After the initial greetings, the two were left alone to chat. Kraft warmly embraced the young man after hearing his story.

Sheehan felt at ease with the Patriots CEO. The 23-year-old senior wanted to know when it would get easier, dealing with the loss of a loved one.

“I wanted to tell him, ‘I’m sorry,’ and I wanted to know if it got better, and if that hurt got better, with it being so fresh,” Sheehan told the Herald last week. “(Kraft) was very compassionate. He told me some words of wisdom, to keep passing good things forward. To always work forward for the betterment of others.”

After that warm exchange, Kraft departed, but not before taking Dean College president Paula Rooney aside and expressing his desire to provide Sheehan with a graduation gift.


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OK, I’m a Senior at Dean College. What’s Next?

We don’t want to come across as stuck-up, but we’re going to assume you’ve heard about the Dance and Theatre programs at Dean College. No seriously,  if you google “College Dance Programs” we are the first college dance program that shows up. Go try it. We’ll wait…

But just having a great program is the first step. We don’t stop there. We do everything we can to help our students answer the question, “what’s next?”  That’s why on November 28th, we’ll be welcoming Lucille DiCampli and Ronald Todorowski to campus. Those name’s don’t do it for you? How about the MSA Talent Agency? Still nothing? Fine…how about Dancing with the Stars? Glee? The X Factor? So You Think You Can Dance? SMASH on NBC? McDonald/Selznick Associates are placing their talent all over the place, from on-screen to on-stage to back stage, and Dean is very fortunate that Ms. DiCampli & Mr. Todorowski will be on campus on the 28th speaking with our Seniors regarding the ins and outs of agency representation and what it takes to become a working dancer. Additionally, the MSA folks will be conducting a two hour mock audition for our seniors.

Not bad, right?  But what if you’re not a dance or theatre major? How about business, right? Well, remember when Robert Kraft from the Kraft Group/New England Patriots came to campus earlier this year? Bert Jacobs from Life is Good will be here next year. And next week, we’ll welcome three young men just out of college who started their own successful business, CampusTV’s.

So don’t worry – we know why you’re here and we’re going to do everything we can to help you get to where you want to go. Questions? e-mail getsocial@dean.edu.

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Katie Hits the Half Way Point of Her Internship Abroad…and Heads South!

Have you been keeping up with Senior Dance major Katie Mancini as she blogs her internship journey in Washington D.C? We hope so, because her latest two posts take you on an exciting journey to the Southern part of the United States, and give you a roundup of what she has learned so far on her internship with The Washington Center in our nations capitol.  If you have not kept up with Katie…you’re missing out.  Katie has been the perfect model of the Dean Difference and is well on her way to a successful career. Get over to her blog and get readin’, or check our more information on our renowned dance program.

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