Sports Management: Is it About the Profits or the Fans?

Terry Francona BookIn Francona: the Red Sox YearsTerry Francona relates his experience with the Red Sox organization.  Previews of the book indicated that the Red Sox ownership view the Red Sox as a business that should be run at a profit.  While it is appropriate for the Red Sox to be thought of as a business, it is important to recognize that as a sports organization, the Red Sox should also be concerned with the competitive element of winning and the impact it has on the fan base.

Let’s compare the approach of the Red Sox organization with the New England Patriots organization.  Clearly, the Kraft organization is concerned with being profitable.  However, they have not sacrificed the competitive element.  The Patriots have been very successful competitively under the Kraft organization.  The Patriots have had one of the most winning records in NFL history.  They have achieved the goals of profitability and winning simultaneously.

The “take away” is that although sports organizations are a business, they are distinct in that their mission should include the spirit of athletic competition and winning. The fans are the sport organization’s customers and they should be viewed with a customer service mentality.

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cuomoThis post was written by Robert Cuomo, Dean of the School of Business at Dean College. Dr. Cuomo oversees the renowned Sports Management program at Dean College. 

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4 thoughts on “Sports Management: Is it About the Profits or the Fans?

  1. The Red Sox and Fenway Park are considered a national treasure even if the rest of the country hates us.
    Growing up in Boston the Red Sox were always known to “break your heart”no matter how close they came or how great the players were. Just think Ted Williams.
    This ownership group has brought actual winning back to Boston and no one will forget that.
    Bringing Pedro into the organization shows where the ownership wants the team to be.
    Without profits as a motive, we could just turn the Red Sox over to the state and see how we’ll they do.

  2. JRS says:

    You are tough to reach..Call me at Merrimack 978-837-5412 and leave your number if not there.

    • Dean College says:

      Good morning Joe – as an FYI, Dean College IT is undergoing maintenance. Staff & faculty have no phone or email as of right now. This may be your difficulty in reaching Dr. Cuomo.

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